Horrornight Hellmond

In my spare time I am volunteer and member of the committee of Horrornight Hellmond. Once a year we organise an event for about 200 people.

Horrornight Hellmond started out as a group of fathers in a neighborhood of Helmond that wanted to do something for the kids in the neighborhood. So things like a dropping were organized, which turned out to be a success.

Then came the idea of organizing a kind of horror tour for the kids. So at a dark evening a route was set out in a forest and only couple of people was hidden to scare the teenagers during the tour. As the teenagers asked to organize it again, also parents wanted to join, so it grew quickly. With larger numbers of people walking the tour, also the number of volunteers grew.

I walked the tour myself the second time it was organized. I joined the Horrornight during the third time and pretty quickly I was also involved in the committee, which was set up to manage the growing event. At this point in time I am the chairman and the treasurer. As chairman I must say I am very proud of the team we have and what we have accomplished.

At this point we are very proud that it is still all voluntary and thanks to our volunteers and sponsors we are able to organize this event.

Unfortunately, Horrornight Hellmond has organised the last event, after 19 years, in September 2017. Horrornight Hellmond will continue to support our “Horror friends”.